Germany Part 3 - Frankfurt

Immediately upon arriving at Frankfurt, the financial hub of Germany, we were greeted with beautiful weather and scenery. The walk along the river from our hotel to near the city center was astonishing. There were several bridges along route. Each provided a lovely vantage point. I loved seeing the warm autumn colours throughout the park.

Frankfurt along the river
Pedestrian bridge - Holbeinsteg
Beautiful greenery in Frankfurt along the river bank

I thought this was a romantic backdrop. Father and son walking along the sidewalk. At the end of the path was his mother waiting for him. The son ran up to his mother giving her a big hug, while she picked him up and spun him around.

Märchenbrunnen - Fairy Tale Fountain near the Frankfurt Opera House
Euro Tower

Along our exploration of Frankfurt, we stumbled upon this impressive fountain, Märchenbrunnen or the "fountain of fairy tales". The bronze statues of the creatures were destroyed in World War II and were re-created based on photos.

Across from the Märchenbrunnen was the Euro Tower.

We had lunch at Cafe Hauptwache. I opted to try a local dish: eggs with green sauce, "Frankfurter Grüne Soße". Jo started to feel unwell and ordered a potato soup. This was probably where things went downhill on our trip. I would not recommend this cafe to anyone for the food. If you wanted to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere of Frankfurt, this would probably be a nice spot for people watching, but not for enjoying food. Food was very unpalatable. The soup was beyond salvageable. It was very salty. The eggs were overdone, yet cold and bland. The only thing that was flavourful was the green sauce. The eggs and potatoes were not even salted ironically. I was not sure if it was just a restaurant issue with the salt, but later I found out it seemed pretty consistent in the salt levels in restaurants of Frankfurt that we tried. Food was salty.

Eggs, potatoes with green sauce
Potato soup

This was where Jo and I had departed. He returned to the hotel since he was feeling unwell to continue the venture. I headed towards MyZeil - Next Level Shopping. 


MyZeil, itself, was a site to see. The architectural design was unique. The building was made of glass and reflected the light beautifully. It looked like a warp portal slowly sucking you into it. Besides its structure, the actually stores at MyZeil were not that interesting. I didn't find anything unique to purchase.

Frankfurt city center

Venturing further around Frankfurt, I reached the Old Town. This was probably the most interesting and beautiful aspect of Frankfurt. The goddess Justitia sat on top of the Fountain of Justice in the quaint city center. It was the liveliest area in Frankfurt that I had seen that day. The stunning old-styled buildings surrounded the square. A few steps away and you would be transported back to the modern day of skyscrapers.

Frankfurt Cathedral dedicated to Saint Bartholomew

The Gothic cathedral in Frankfurt was dedicated to Saint Bartholomew and had earned the designation of Imperial Cathedral (Kaiserdom). Unfortunately for us, each time we came by, the actual museum was closed off to the public because of mass. So we weren't able to see inside the cathedral.

Senckenberg Naturmuseum - one of the Largest Natural History Museum in Germany

The second day and final day that we stayed in Frankfurt, we had planned to go to the Natural History Museum. Jo was feeling slightly better, but not 100%. He didn't want to miss the opportunity to see his dinosaurs. The museum was nicely laid out. Upon entering the museum, you were greeted by the dinosaurs. Lots of families were visiting the museum that day with young children. Sunday was a day where businesses were not open and it was considered a rest day in Germany. Streets were very quiet, but luckily the museum was open.

Dinosaur fossil
Dinosaur poo fossil

We had lunch at the Natural History Museum, Senckenberg Cafe. We wanted to have a light lunch since Jo was still not feeling well. We had ordered tomato and potato soup. The soups were quite salty. At this point, I thought it was the norm that the food was salty and we weren't accustomed to that level.

Tomato soup at the Natural History Museum Cafe
Potato soup at the Natural History Museum cafe

Still exploring Frankfurt the rest of the day, we found a piece of the original Berlin Wall in Frankfurt! It was nice to see it.

Original Berlin Wall in Frankfurt

Unfortunately, our food experience in Frankfurt wasn't the best. We also didn't get to explore a lot of the specialties in Frankfurt that we wanted to, such as the Frankfurt sausages. However, we did find an amazing cafe. It just so happens to be a Japanese cafe serving amazing Swiss rolls and drinks.

iimori Patisserie

Just outside the Old Town square, iimori patisserie lured us in with its irresistible window display of cakes. The staff were dressed in maid outfits. Decor in the cafe was interesting with vintage flares from the influences of the French and English.

Window display of cakes at iimori patisserie
Matcha latte and milk roll
Milk Roll cake

The matcha latte was comforting. It wasn't too sweet and had a strong green tea flavour. We decided to try the milk roll cake. The sponge was so soft and light. It was not too sweet. The cake was delectable and transported me back to Japan. If I'm visiting Frankfurt again, it would be because of iimori patisserie and their cakes.

Frankfurt at night by the river